USB sticks categorized by type, shape and housing materials.

USB Flash Drives - Devices


  • Classic

    Classic USB memory sticks.

  • Twist

    USB memory with rotary closure.

  • Swing

    Advertising pendrives with a hinged closure.

  • Slider

    Sliding USB memory.

  • Tango

    USB Flash Drives with a USB connector ejector mechanism.

  • Card

    Card shaped USB flash drives.

  • Bracelet

    Wristbands and armbands equipped with USB flash drives.

  • Pendant

    Promotional pendrives in the shape of keychains and various pendants.

    A USB stick in a key ring or in the form of a neck pendant is always with You and it is hard to lose it.

  • Key

    USB memory sticks in the shape of a key.

  • Opener

    Pendrive in the shape of a bottle opener.

  • Clip

    USB stick in the shape of a paper clip.

  • Pen

    Pendrive in a pen.

  • Unusual shape

    USB sticks in various, unusual shapes.

  • Eco

    USB sticks with casings made of ecological, biodegradable materials.

    We have made the Eco Flash Drive enclosures from bioplastic, cardboard, natural or other recycled materials.

    Polylactide (PLA), cardboard and wood are easily biodegradable materials.

    PLA, Polylactide (polylactic acid), is a fully biodegradable material, obtained from renewable raw materials, plants such as corn and sugar cane. PLA, like paper, decomposes quickly, in about 15 months, without harming the environment.

  • Mini

    Small size advertising USB sticks.

    Smaller, compact flash drives that are equivalents of traditional models.

    Mini is a collection of slim, neat flash drives.

  • Premium

    Premium USB Flash Drives.

    Custom, elegant advertising flash drives, which are characterized by high quality and exclusive materials.

    In this category you will find extraordinary flash drives, including registered designs that please the eye and present your logo in a unique way.

  • Plastic

    Plastic USB flash drives.

  • Plastic - Metal

    Plastic and metal pendrives.

  • Metal

    Metal usb flash drives.

  • Wooden

    Advertising pendrives whose casings are made of wood.

  • Leather

    USB portable memory, the cases of which are made of leather.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry usb flash drives.

  • Textile

    Portable USB sticks in canvas - covered cases.

  • Glass

    USB flash drives with cases made of glass.

    A flash drive made of glass, crystal glass in particular, is a unique, exclusive advertising gadget.

    In many models, an optional backlight is available, which will effectively illuminate the engraved logo.

  • Paper

    Promotional USB flash drives with cases made of paper or cardboard.

    Paperboard is a thick paper material that can be printed and shaped almost freely.

    Cardboard is made of larger wood pulp and waste paper fibers.

  • Other materials

    Other materials for usb flash drives.

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